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wild hearts: women explorers, 2009

Two-Screen Video Installation with Sound, TRT 22 minutes

Sound Editor: Jane McKevver

Participants (in order of appearance): Sarah Fuller, Shelley Nairn, Scott Parent, Jesse Novak, Brenda Williams, Marty Avery, Ursula Wolf, Bonnie Hamilton, Corri Gallicano, Meghan Ward, Nagede Luquet, Heather Armitage, Dee Anderson, Alexandra Kobalenko, Debra Hornsby, Jennifer Bowes and Julia Lynx.


"Wild Hearts: Women Explorers" is a video-collaboration with twelve women adventurers living in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Inspired by the work of 19th Century explorers Mary Vaux and Mary Schaefer, this split-screen video installation juxtaposes timed-shots of the Cascade Mountain with documentary footage of the women traversing the landscape. Through a combination of repetitive shots of the mountain, ephemeral body movements and atmospheric variations "Wild Hearts" evoke the contrast between stillness and motion, permanence and transience. The voice-over suggests that individual perception of landscape is a cultural construct often mediated by our own physical and mental journeys through it.

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