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Kristi Engle Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Angels Gate Cultural 			Center, San Pedro, CA
Calles y Sueños Gallery, Chicago, IL
John O'Brian and Fabian Cereijido
Ismael de Anda and Jawad Ali
Isabelle Lutterodt and Nina Katoni
Haruko Tanaka and Donna Conwell
Branislav Kecman and Atilio Pernisco
Cielo Pessione and Bérénice Reynaud
An Xiao Mina and Kátia Moraes
Bari Kumar and John Wu
Denise Spampinato and Mirjam Kort

trading places, 2011

One-channel video installation with sound, TRT 35 minutes

Participants (in chronological order): Fabian Cereijido, John O'Brien, Ismael DeAnda, Jawad Ali, Donna Conwell, Haruko Tanaka, Nina Katoni, Isabelle Lutterodt, Branislov Kecman, Atilio Pernisco, Cielo Pessione, Bérénice Reynaud, An Xiao Mina, Katia Moraes, John Wu, Bari Kumar, Mirjam Kort, Denise Spampinato.


As a dual citizen from Brazil and the US, I often contemplate feelings of home, belonging and displacement. Inspired by Czech media philosopher Villen Flusser, who states that immigration is a creative act that involves a certain double-consciousness, eighteen Angelinos were invited to write short letters about their own bi-cultural experiences. Participants were then paired, and recorded, reading each other's letters. The stories are switched so the voice of one person is heard on another’s body. Trading Places offer different perspectives on empathy and displacement, reflecting on notions of identity and cross-cultural movement.

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