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The Brewery Project, Los Angeles, CA

time zone, 2005

Black-and-White Laser Prints

Set of six, 8.5 x 11” each

Participants: Judy Freya Sibayan and students, Manila ; Shome Puipia and Pinaree Sanpitak, Bangkok; Ruyzo Fukuhara, Saigon; Karla Sachse, Berlin; Sara Haq,London; Bia Gayotto and Maryrose C. Mendoza, Los Angeles.


An artist from each city participating in "600 Images/ 60 Artists/ 6 Curators/ 6 Cities: Bangkok/ Berlin/ London/ Los Angeles/ Manila/ Saigon" was invited to take a self-portrait at the same time and day: 1am Los Angeles, 9am London,10am Berlin, 4pm Bangkok, 4pm Saigon, 5pm Manila. Time Zone sets up a virtual encounter between artists living in different cities around the world, playing with notions of time and space, proximity and distance, physical and virtual, local and global.

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