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Project Space, Athens, Greece

thirteen friends jumping, 1998-1999


10 3/4 x 97 3/4”

Participants: Anne Walsh, Rasheed Ali, Becky Allen, David Wilson, Daniel Marlos, Ian Smith, Maggi Kusenbac, Alex Slade, Allan deSouza, Haruko Tanaka, Gina Kuraner, Sharon Lockhart, Cameron Smith.


Family members-friends-artists were invited to perform a series of twenty-four continuous jumps in a location and an outfit of their choice. With a fixed frontal camera angle, I photographed each person twenty four times, the length of a roll of a 35 mm film without editing. In documenting a series of ephemeral movements Thirteen Friends Jumping evokes the delicate balance between pose and spontaneity showing unexpected body compositions originated in the act of jumping.

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