the sea is not blue / o mar não é azul, 2009

Book and Photo-installation

8.5 x 8.5”, Vinyl with pressure sensitive adhesive on wall, 49 ft

Graphic Designer: gaas!

Participants: Álamo Oliveira, Alison Nelson, Bia Gayotto, Carlos Teixeira, Catarina Garcia, Ed Moses, Gina Orofino, Leonardo Machado, Lucie Chan, Nereu Ramos, Orlando Guerreiro.


TThe Sea is Not Blue/O Mar Não É Azul #2 is a collaborative project with a diverse group of people of Portuguese decent living in Terceira (Azores); Halifax and Kelowna (Canada); Florianópolis (Brazil) and Los Angeles (USA). Through multiple interpretations of the sea the book inquire about the relationship between geography, individuality and culture. The photo- installation that accompanies the book is composed by a series of seascapes connected by a central horizon line that represent the circumference of Terceira, one of nine Portuguese Islands of the Azores located in mid-Atlantic, which played an important role in the colonization of the “New World”, including my birthplace in Southern Brazil. Made in part with an Individual Artist Grant from the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division.