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the sea is not blue / o mar não é azul, 2009

3-channel video installation with sound, TRT 25 min. and map, 10 3/8 x 13 5/8 “

Sound Editor: Mel Metcalfe

Post-production: Takashi Takeoka

Participants (in chronological order): Orlando Guerreiro, Carlos Alberto Silveira, Suzana Silveira, Humberto Machado, Antonio Henrique Fisher Cordeiro, Leonardo Machado, Francisco do Reis Maduro-Dias, Luis Felipe Silveira, Maria Benevides, Orjana Risch, Isabel do Lerique, Rufino Cordeiro Dias Pereira, Jorge Soares, Alamo Oliveira, Andre Manuel Costa Silveira, Catarina Garcia, Manuela Juliano.


This video was shot in Terceira, one of nine Portuguese Islands of the Azores located in mid-Atlantic, which played an important role in the colonization of the “New World”, including my birthplace in Southern Brazil. The 3-screen video installation alternates views of the ocean in differing weather conditions from different points around the island, with a series of a hand flicks through photographic images that reveal my process in making the video. The audio juxtaposes sounds of the ocean with voice-over and English captions, expressing the islanders’ relationship to the sea. The Sea is Not Blue reveal the ocean as a space of interconnectedness reflecting on issues of migration, identity and place. Made with the City of Los Angeles 2008-2009 COLA Individual Artist Fellowship.



Book and photo-installation

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