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Somewhere in Between is a group exhibition consisting of twenty-four LA-based artists whose work engage with concepts of language, culture, memory, and a sense of self, place and history. Through the use of various media, including video, photography, ceramics, painting, found objects, and textiles among others, the exhibition crosses between separate generations, geographies, practices and fields. 


Somewhere in Between address LA's dynamic multi-ethnic and -cultural fabric, and consequently reflects on the international composition of the city’s creative scene. Works on view present the talents of noteworthy visual, multimedia and performance artists who originate, or identify culturally, with either Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Mexico, Central or South America, while simultaneously, integrating this part of themselves with their U.S./American experience. Together these artists promote multinational perspectives that bring distinct cultures together, helping audiences perceive what it is to be “American” in a new light, while also offering the opportunity to understand the values and perspectives of others.  


Curatorial statement  PDF


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