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somewhere in between: taipei, 2014

Two-screen video installation with sound, TRT 16 min.

Sound Recordings and Sound Design: Yannick Dauby

Participants: Fiona Chang, Lucie Chen, Eva Fang, Lian Hu, Allen Huang, Phatty Kuo, Ying Qi-Min, Sophie Ping-Ya Hsu, Chih Si, Derick Tai, Raven Weng


This video and book project presents a look at the physical and cultural landscape of Taipei inquiring about feelings of place, identity and belonging. Although the video alludes to the traditions of documentary and ethnographic film, during post-production I utilized non-linear poetic strategies, including montage, multiple projections, un-synching and looping. Following the video’s random structure, the book is assembled in a flow that overlaps images of landscapes, urban space and human activities.The project’s open form calls audiences to find relationships between the screens or the book pages taking into account interior and exterior, stillness and movement, public and private, near and far, East and West. Made in part with the support of AIR Taipei and an Inventing in Artist Grant from the Center of Cultural Innovation.



Book Project



Huntley Gallery, Cal Poly Pomona, 2017
Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan, 2014


Taipei Artist Village Gallery, 2014
Huntley Gallery, Cal Poly Pomona, 2017

somewhere in between: silicon valley, 2012

Two-screen video installation with sound, TRT 18 min.

Audio Post Production: Jim McKee

Voice-Over Editor: Donna Conwell

Project Assistant: Christina Sheils

Participants: Ana Carvajal, Olga Media, Lena Dakessian, Sakia Feain, Shannon Haley, Ben Miyagi, Madison Nguyen, Susan O’Malley, Lucian Romo, Hemashree Sayed, Rajwinder Sehdev, Chris Sicat, Prahba Tatapudy, Mona Vijaykar, Peter Yoon.


Somewhere in Between is a video installation that investigates a sense of place through the intercultural experience of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants in Silicon Valley. Through an open call local residents were invited to participate in an interview and video shoot. A two-screen projection juxtaposes cityscapes, architecture, and domestic settings with portraits of participants performing everyday actions, while an audio soundtrack mixes ambient sound and voiceover. Through the complex relationship between people, places and stories, Somewhere in Between depicts a multilayered portrait of Silicon Valley evoking feelings of belonging, displacement and human interconnectivity.  Commissioned by The Lucas Artists Residency Program at Montalvo Arts Center for its centennial exhibition.

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