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Pasadena Museum of California Art

somewhere in between: los angeles, 2013

Two-screen video installation with sound, TRT 20 min.

Music and Sound Design: Kubilay Uner

Interview Editor: Genine Lentine

Interview Transcribers: Christina Sheils and Molly Underwood

Participants: Carrie Adrian, Ellain Baul-Highfill, Eldon Cline, Fanshein Cox DiGiovanni, Miriam Ha, Nina Harada, Amy M Inouye, Cynthia Ling Lee, Lupe Liang, Armen Makasjian, Craig Martin, Rollence Patugan, Bob Oltman, TJ Suwanswetr, Noemi Torres, and Iesha Wadala.

This installation explores how identity and culture intersect in places, objects, and people’s lives. To capture the diversity of Los Angeles, I conducted interviews with fourteen residents who live along Route 66 from Pasadena to Santa Monica-and who also identify as belonging to two or more places or cultures. Using a video camera, I observed and documented the surroundings of my subjects, their activities, and wider glimpses of the city. The resulting artwork is an intimate perspective on the omnipresent forces of place and culture by revealing aspects of a person through food, dress, and habits. The two-screens loop independently from each other creating a sense of being in two places at once, enabling serendipitous encounters between people and their environments. Made possible in part by the Pasadena Museum of California Art, ARC grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation and the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission.

Installation at LAX

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