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somewhere in between: chicago, 2011

Two-screen video installation with sound, TRT: 18 minutes

Participants: Deidre Colgan, Rafael Enriquez, Anna Jones, Andrew Gregory Krzak, Faheem Majeed, Beate Minkovski, Jesse Mumm, Mark Nelson, Marivi Ortiz, Lorenza Perelli, Barbara Rudolf, Gerardo Serna and Karen Villamin.


Somewhere In Between investigates what it feels like to be a bicultural person living in Chicago. Through an open call, residents were invited to participate in an interview and video shoot that took place at a location of their choice. The two-screen installation juxtaposes cityscapes, architecture, and domestic settings with portraits of the participants performing simple, everyday actions. The audio consists of ambient sound and voiceover, revealing a state of mind of those who live in an intercultural space and are in constant flux between two or more cultures. The result is a multilayered portrait of Chicago mixing images of the city and its people with stories that reveal their sense of self and place in the world.

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