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Cal State Grand Central Art Center, CA

seeing satan/olhando para satã, 2004

Two Books

10 1/4 x 8 1/4” each

Participants in Brazil: Paula Alzugaray, Pascoal da Conceição and Lucia Helena Gayotto, Anna Barros and Rosãngela Leote, Fernando Fogliano, Bia Gayotto and Luiz Carlos da Costa Gayotto, Luiz Gayotto, Rosangela Rennó.Participants in USA: Nena Amsler, Allan deSouza and Yong Soon Min, Christina Fernadez, Jennifer Hill and Karen Pava Randall, CharlesKarubian, Soo Kim and Ginny Cook, Alex Slade.


Seven artists and friends living in São Paulo, and another seven living in Los Angeles, were invited to illustrate their views of ‘Satan’ by selecting images and articles from any source between March and April 2004. Each participant had the option to include as many images as they wanted, and invite another collaborator. The books inquire about the relationship between geography, individuality and culture by how these artists interpret the meaning of 'Satan' in Brazil and in the US.

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