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Installation View Brand Gallery, Los Angeles
The Sea Ranch Lodge Gallery, 2022
Embodied Forest, Fall 2021, published by ecoartspace
Memoirs #1
Memoirs #2
Memoirs #3
Memoirs #4
Memoirs #5
Memoirs #6
Memoirs #7
Memoirs #8
Memoirs #9

memoirs (written by trees) #1-10, 2020

Archival Pigment Print, various sizes


“Memoirs” is a series of color photographs of stumps found in The Sea Ranch’s redwood forest. In post-production I eliminate the figure from the background, and use a photographic process that filters light, and like an X-ray reveal details not seen by the naked eye. The lines, stains and scars that become visible are like a historical account, a memoir written by trees. The blue-purplish colors that appear through color inversions relate to the tree’s ability to store tons of gallons of water and fire-resistant tannins in it’s trunk. These remarkable features enabled redwoods to survive drought and fire for over many centuries. Through a relationship between parts and whole, the stump and the tree, "Memoirs" raises questions about life and decay, resilience and renewal, deforestation and global warming. The unique mandala-shaped stumps serve as a portal for viewers to connect the earth and the universe, inner and outer worlds. Made possible in part by the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission and the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division.



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