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memoirs (written by trees), 2020

Photo-rag paper, various sizes


“Memoirs” is a series of color photographs of decaying logs found in Northern California’s redwood forest. In post-production I use a process that filters light, and like an X-ray reveal details not seen by the naked eye. The lines, stains and marks that become visible through this process are like a historical account, a memoir written by trees. The blue-purplish colors appear through an additional process of color inversions, which relate to the trees’ ability to store tons of gallons of water and fire-resistant tannins in its trunks. These remarkable features enabled the redwood trees to survive drought and fire for over many centuries. Through a relationship between the stump and tree, parts and whole, "Memoirs" raises questions about life and decay, resilience and renewal, deforestation and global warming, in hopes to generate awareness and protect forests that might vanish in our lifetimes. In addition, the mandala-shaped logs serve as a portal for viewers to connect between the earth and the universe, inner and outer worlds. 

Made possible in part by the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission and the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division.