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Lor Palace Hotel, São Paulo, Brazil

lord palace hotel #502-514, 2004


Set of thirteen, 12 ¼ x 18” each

Participants: Kika Nicoleta, Paulo Lima Buenoz, Débora Bolsoni, Alécio Rossi, Genilson Soares, Beth Moysés, Bia Gayotto, Sandra Tucci, Manuel Veiga, Graciela Rodrigues, Raquel Kogan, Paula Alzugaray.


This site-specific installation made with adhesive tape on glass (52 x 84” each) was linearly displayed on 13 windows of “Lord Palace”, an empty historic hotel in downtown São Paulo. Artists were invited to create geometric compositions for the hotel windows consisting of eight squares (4 yellow and 4 red). The windows were then photographed from inside of each room on the 3rd floor. The sequence of photographs shows subtle variations of the external urban landscape, evoking São Paulo’s concrete art of the 50’s. 

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