friction ridge, 2020-22

Found charcoal on paper

Pigment print on cold press



“Friction Ridge” is a series of drawings made by using the technique of rubbings, and by applying charcoal from burned tree fragments to thin tracing paper to take impressions off of found pieces of redwood (2020) and of an ancient redwood tree (2022). The title “Friction Ridge” is inspired by a scientific term used for fingerprint development on the skin made up of micro folds and valleys. Like a fingerprint, each tree is unique, and the friction from my fingers onto the paper creates abstract lines, circles, patterns and textures, a process that cannot be repeated.  After being scanned, the images are printed on large cold press paper. The enlarged image further my investigation with using technology to explore the dualities between seen and unseen. "Friction Ridge" express a feeling for the fragility of California's forests, recently made clear through wildfires and climate change. The 2022 rubbings were taken from a 800 year old redwood left by the loggers because it was damaged and not tall enough, and therefore would not provide quality wood. It’s odd features allowed it to survive, and today it remains one of the oldest redwoods on The Sea Ranch in Northern California.