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"A glimpse into the psychic life of an otherwise unseen world: new photographic exhibit opens at The Sea Ranch Lodge", Independent Coast Observer, May 10, page 11 PDF

Ecoartspace Member Spotlight | Bia Gayotto PDF

People's World, 'Bahia Reverb: Artists and Place' creates dialogue between Brazil and Afro-America, February 7, LINK

Sacatar Annual Report Year Ending in 2023 PDF

The Guide to Black History Month Events in Los Angeles, Discover Los Angeles LINK

Explore Art at Los Angeles International Airport, Discover Los Angeles LINK


Jessica Merritt, New Art Installations by Local and Regional Artists Welcome Holiday Travelers at LAX, Latest Addition of Works Add to a Robust Art Program at the Airport, LINK


Questions of 'life and decay, resilience and renewal's at LyndonDesign, opening Saturday, Splash Mendonoma Events Guide, Independent Coastal Observer, April 29 LINK



Lilian Fraiji, Sant Khalsa and Patricia Lee Watts, Embodied Forest, LINK ​

Pasadena Water and Power Demonstrates the Benefits of Hügelkultur to Save Water, June 6, Pasadena Now PDF 

Joey Reams and Brian Day, Pasadena Commission to Review New Guidelines for Annual Arts, January 13, Pasadena Now PDF



Tree Talk: Artists Speak for Trees, Ecoartspace, October 29, 2020 LINK


Los Angeles World Airports, Latitude 33° 56', LINK
Heath, Montgomery, Four New Art Exhibitions Bring Solo and Curated Group Displays to LAX LINK

Taylor Van Horne, Sacatar Annual Report 2018, Bahia, Brazil 

Heloise Costa, Fronteiras Incertas: Arte e Fotografia no Acervo do MAC USP,  Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de Sao Paulo, pg. 87-89 PDF


Christina Berberian, Speaking through art in ‘Somewhere in Between’, The Poly Post, November 12 LINK

Staff, Somewhere in Between, Fabrik Magazine LINK

Valdemir Santana, Começam as filmagens sobre Maria Felipa, a guerreira de Itaparica, A Tribuna, Bahia, Brasil LINK

Becca Doten, New Art Installations at LAX Explore Urban and Imaginary Landscapes, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) LINK

Staff, Interactive Book Discussion Thursday Weaves in Participants' Relationship with Pasadena, Pasadena Now LINK



Cynthia Peters, Bia Gayotto: Prequel to 2018, PolyCentric, University News Center, Feb 15 LINK

Sara Vargas, Multidisciplinary art on display at Huntley Gallery, The Poly Post, March 6 LINK


Bia Gayotto, Story Map: A Community's View of its Past, Present and Future, The Foothill Record, Nov. p.6-7 PDF

Pat Kramer, A Living History Event, Takes Place at Bolton Hall Museum, Crescenta Valley Weekly, September 1, Vol.7, No. 48,p.6 LINK

Samantha Gonzaga, Bia Gayotto: Prequel to 2018, LINK Magazine, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona LINK

Marie Mosavarzadeh, Never-ending Journey: Living in-between simultaneous realities, Graduate Program Calgary Alberta, Canada, p. 40-41 LINK


Melissa Ley Cervantes and Willem Duyvendak, Where is Home? Why home is not at the same place in the USA and Europe, City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, Routledge, October 7  PDF

Paula Alzugaray, Estudos de Composição: Acaso e intenção na obra de Bia Gayotto, Revista Select, São Paulo, SP LINK



Helouise Costa, “Fronteiras Incertas: Arte e Fotografia no acervo do MAC USP”, Biblioteca Digital da Produção Intelectual, Universidade de  São Paulo, SP LINK

Rachel Paprocki, Looking at “Somewhere in Between: Los Angeles”, Fieldnotes Magazine, December 3,

 Pasadena, CA LINK

Michelle Mills, "Somewhere in Between" explores diversity along Route 66, Art Galleries, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, August 23 LINK

Lisa Napoli, Inter-culturalism is the new melting pot: Mash-up identity explored, Which Way, LA? KCRW August 14 LINK

Petra Vackova, From the Mountains To the Sea: Conversation with Artist Bia Gayotto, Los Angeles Art Resource, June  PDF

Carl Kozlowski, Ignitting Interest, Calendar Pasadena Weekly, August 22, PDF 



Donna Conwell, In and Out of Place, Lucas Artists Residency Program, Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga PDF

Mary Gottschalk, 'In and Out of Place' complete Montalvo's centennial series, Silicon Valley Community, p.18-19 PDF

Margarethe Kusenbach, Krista Paulsen, and Melinda Milligan (Editors), Home,Place, Community: International Sociological Perspectives, Peter Lang Publisher PDF



Bert Stabler, In a Strange Land/Calles y Sueños, Newcity Art, Chicago June 13 LINK



Corrina Lesser (Editor) Making Artistic Inquiry Visible: Reflections & Conversations After the Banff Residency,  The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, pg. 12-15 PDF

Scarlet Cheng, C.O.L.A. 2009, Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles, Artillery, Vol. 3 Issue 6, pg. 34. PDF

David Pagel, COLA 2009 an accessible brew in Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles Times. LINK   

Donna Conwell, COLA 2009 Catalogue, Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles. LINK



Theo Douglas, Long Beach and Elsewhere, Considered, The Disctrict Weekly, July 30, Long Beach. PDF

Annie Buckley, From A to B, Artweek, July/August, Vol. 39 Issue 6. PDF   

Fellows of Contemporary Online Catalogue. PDF

Paula Alzugaray van Steen, O Artista como documentarista, estratégias de abordagem da alteridade, pg. Escola de Comunicação e Artes, Universidade de São Paulo. PDF


Geborgen Kamers, Miniatuur Project, Stichting Gaidaro, The Hague.

ArtScene’s Recommended exhibitions Silence & Echo.

Holly Myers, Social Issues Leave Imprint in ‘Touched’ LA Times, 08/22,E 6-7. PDF

CD Catalogue Armory Center for the Arts, Touched: The Art of Social Engagement.

Paula Alzugaray, Situ/ação:Video de Viagem, Paço das Artes, Secretaria de Estado da Cultura, São Paulo. PDF

Jose Roberto Flesh, Nomadismo Artístico, Arte Videoinstalações. PDF

Daniel Weynberg, O Artista e seu deslocamento pelo mundo, Isto É. PDF

Yong Soon Min, Exquisite Crisis & Encounter, Asian Pacific American Institute, NYU, NY. LINK



Priscilla F. Vayda, World Piece, Pasadena Star-News (U-Art), Dec.8, p.25. PDF

Northwest Pasadena, Meet the Neighbors, Newton Arts Organization, Pasadena. LINK



Mery Lynn McCorkle, Travelogue 33.

UCLArts, UCLA Year of the Arts, Los Angeles, Fall, p.22. PDF



Donna Conwell, Interview, LatinArt Online Journal of Art and Culture, Oct 01. LINK

Diego Assis, Artistas se “hospedam” em hotel do centro de SP, Folha de São Paulo, 9/16. PDF

Mike McGee, 100 Artists See Satan,California State University Fullerton Grand Central Press and Last Gasp,

Santa Ana. PDF

James Welling, Bia Gayotto at the Armory Center, X-tra Contemporary Art. Quarterly, Los Angeles, Summer, No. 4 Vol. 6, p. 29-30. PDF

Leslee Komaiko, Tower of Power, Los Angeles Times Magazine, January 4, p. 6. PDF

Priscilla F. Vayda, Chance and Randomness, Pasadena Star-News (U-Art), Jan.23, p.25-26. PDF



Alma Ruiz, Project SPace, The Breeder, Issue 8, p.2, Spring 2003. PDF



Elizabeth Pence, The Corridor@Helms Building, Coagula, Issue #52, pp.51. PDF

Coagula, Top Ten, Issue #51, pp. 51.



Alma Ruiz, New Vision in Photography, Italian Heritage Culture Foundation, Los Angeles. PDF

Traffic Report, 18th Street Arts Complex, Santa Monica, Summer 2000, pp.18. PDF

UCLA Arts, Alumni, Fall Vol. 4, No. 1.

Giovanni Intra, art/text, Los Angeles, No. 69, May-July, p. 68-71.

Adriano Pedrosa, Sharon Lockhart's Teatro Amazonas, TRANS>, New York.

Haruko Tanaka, Like I-Ching, like John Cage, and just like Bia Gayotto, LittleVelvet, Los Angeles, Episode II, May, p. 1.



Cathy Curtis, Capturing the Social Animal, LA Times, Entertainment, Dec. 8 LINK

Jacqueline Cooper, After the Hangover: Graduate Schools in Los Angeles at the Close of the Millenium.

NEW ART Examiner, Chicago, Vol.25 No. 5, February, p. 34-38. PDF

Allan de Souza, Home, Neighborhood Views, Los Angeles Culture Net. PDF



Anne Walsh, Play Mode, University of California, Irvine. PDF

Michelle Grabner, The Eagle Rock Show, Noveau X-tra, Los Angeles, Vol.1 No.3, p.3 PDF

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